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JOBST®Stocking Donner


The Jobst® Stocking Donner offers ease in putting on all compression legwear.

Jobst® Stocking Donner is an easy-to-use device to help apply medical compression hosiery.  Ideal for people who have limited dexterity or those having difficulty reaching their feet.  For use with closed and open toe styles.

Available in two sizes:  Regular and Large Calf

Size: medium, large

Using BSN Jobst Stocking Donner:
1. Place your Jobst compression stocking inside the semi-circle frame and pull the top of the stocking down over the semi-circle. The heel of the stocking must face the back of your Jobst Stocking Donner.

2. Continue to slide the stocking down over the semi-circle until the heel is centered and even with the top of the semi-circle. (It may be necessary to pull the heel farther down depending on foot and stocking size.)

3. While sitting, insert your foot into the stocking until your foot is completely on the floor. Helpful tip: hold the heel pocket against the frame as you slide your toes into the stocking.

4. Grasp the padded handles and gently pull the Jobst Stocking Donner and stocking up the leg until the stocking is above the calf. Try not to over-stretch the stocking.

5. Pull the Jobst Stocking Donner backward and down, free of the stocking.

6. Be sure the heel of the stocking is properly placed on the foot, then adjust the length and smooth out any wrinkles by stroking and smoothing with the palm of your hands.

7. Thigh and waist high stockings can also be donned using your Jobst Stocking Donner with the lower leg applied in the same manner as a knee length and then pull the remaining portion into place by hand.

Medium Donner:  Fits up to 16" calves

Large:  Fits up to 24" calves

Fitting Hint:  The smaller the donner, the easier it is to apply the sock; however, the donner must be able to fit the calf in order to properly don the stocking.

JOBST®Stocking Donner