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About Us

The Comfort Store By Special Addition has been serving the Austin area since 2007 with a mission to provide the best customer service available, precise fittings by Certified Fitters, and accurate information on all our products. We don’t sell hard goods like those sold by traditional durable medical supply stores. Our focus and specialty is compression garments. The trained staff of The Comfort Store is experienced and knowledgeable of the specific details of different fabrics, how each is unique for fit, and the variety of fabrics currently available. Because each person we serve is unique with regard to shape and size, we are dedicated to determining the specific needs and appropriate style, fabric, and size to meet those unique needs.

We are only a phone call away to serve you. We ship garments daily within the Austin area as well as across the nation. As soon as you have established stable sizes with us, your information is always available to ship your garments as needed. Our Austin Metro phone number is  512-323-6181. Our toll free number for out of area calls is 888-806-2727.

Please visit us at The Comfort Store for friendly, hometown service and the expertise to provide the best fit and information for all your compression garment needs! We look forward to serving you.