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FLA- C3 Post-Op Shoe


A shoe for post-operative conditions, the FLA C3™ Post-Op Shoe offers coolness and comfort.

The FLA - C3 Post-Op Shoe w/Microban is designed for wear after soft tissue procedures or post-operative card.  The shoe is especially useful for geriatric and diabetic patients with insensitive feet.  The C3™ Tri-Laminate upper makes this product cool and comfortable to wear while the Microban-treated sole plate helps prevent the growth of certain bactera i.e. yeast and fungi.

C3™ Tri-laminate benefits...

  • OUTER LAYER:  Soft, hook compatible outer laminate is extremely durable and comfortable.  Black color hides dirt for easy and attractive lon term wear.
  • MIDDLE LAYER:  Foam inner is treated with antimicrobial protection for a clean and comfortable product.
  • INNER LAYER: Soft liner is made of a  unique wicking material that transports moisture away from the skin and into the antimicrobial-treated foam layer resulting in dry, cool and comfortable wear.


Black only
Sold as each
Fits right or left
Select Men OR Women sizing

Size: men small, men medium, men large, men xlarge, women small, women medium, women large

Gender Small Medium Large XLarge
Women 4-6 6.65 - 8 8.5 - 10 NA
Men 6-8 8.5 - 10 10.5 - 12 12.5 - 14


  • For use after soft tissue procedures and post trauma
  • C3™ Tri-laminate material is cool and comfortable
  • Foam layer with antimicrobial protection
  • Adjustable straps accommodate bulky dressings
  • Removable trim-fit tongue provides a better fit
  • Fits right or left

FLA- C3 Post-Op Shoe