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Actimove Arthritis Care Ankle Support


Actimove Arthritis Care Ankle Support helps relieve painful arthritis of the ankle joint.

Actimove Arthritis Care Ankle Support supports and aids in pain relief, and increases joint mobility through soothing warmth and compression. Made with special ceramic yarns to retain and reflect body heat. The validated compression properties provide support and stability, helping to reduce swelling, increase joint mobility and help to manage pain. The skin friendly materials are soft, comfortable and latex-free.


Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXL

  • SKIN FRIENDLY: Made with materials that are soft, comfortable
  • LATEX-FREE. Can be worn on your left or right ankle.
  • PAIN RELIEF: Painful arthritis of the ankle joint is relieved with Actimove's Arthritis Ankle Support. Unique ceramic fibers retain and reflect body heat, providing soothing warmth to help relieve pain.
  • REDUCE SWELLING: The light compression provided helps reduce swelling for improved ankle mobility.
  • PROMOTE CIRCULATION: Therapeutic warming promotes circulation around the ankle for faster return to daily activities.
  • COMFORTABLE COMPRESSION: Four-way stretch provides light, comfortable compression to reduce swelling for improved mobility.

Machine wash warm.  Lay Flat to dry.

Actimove Arthritis Care Ankle Support