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Actimove Professional Line PowerMotion Thigh Support by FLA


Actimove Professional Line PowerMotion Thigh Muscle Support stabilizes injured thigh muscles.  The support is an anatomically-shaped knitted product with gradient compression to support and stabilize weak or injured thigh muscles (hamstring, quadriceps).  With its unique design, this product helps to reduce swelling and edema as well as to control elongation of the injured muscle.

Size: small, medium, large, xlarge, xxlarge

Small: 16 1/8 - 17 3/4 inches Medium: 17 3/4 - 19 3/4 inches Large: 19 3/4 - 22 1/8 inches
XLarge: 22 1/8 - 24 7/8 inches XXL: 24 7/8 - 27 1/2 inches


  • Easy-to-use breathable and adjustable thigh support with gradient compression
  • Helps to promote healing and to prevent thigh muscle injuries
  • Specifically designed pressure relief zone covering the highly sensitive injured area
  • Offers more comfortable wearin
  • Unique Y-shaped strap design for additional adjustable compression

Materials:  Polyamide and Elastic

Elastic straps:  Polyamide Elastane

Actimove Professional Line PowerMotion Thigh Support by FLA