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Actimove Thumb Stabilizer w/extra stays


The Actimove Thumb Stabilizer offers anatomically shaped stays  that manage thumb injuries, keeping finger dexterity.

  • Balanced warmth and medical compression
  • Comfort & good breathability with neoprene-free performance fabric
  • Stabilization of thumb through 2 integrated anatomically shaped stays
  • Comfortable to wear because of premium quality soft material
  • Firm & adjustable wrist support from powerful elastic strap
  • Full finter movement & hand dexterity with special open design
  • Suitable for those sensitive to latex.  Not made with natural rubber latex

Package:  1 support
Order for right or left hand.

Sizes:  Small/Medium; Large/XLarge
Colors:  Beige; Black

  • Mild to moderate strains & sprains (e.g., skier's thumg
  • Inflammation
  • Onset of osteoarthritis
  • Thumb pain from repetitive motion activities - like texting or gaming.

    Primary material: Polyurethane
    Core material:  Aluminum Alloy
    Strap material:  Polymide



    Actimove Thumb Stabilizer w/extra stays