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Sigvaris Compreflex Transition Calf


Sigvaris Compreflex Transition Inelastic Calf Wrap for complex medical conditions.

The Sigvaris Compreflex Transition Calf is an all-new design for lower extremity compression.  Utilizing Breath-O-Prene fabric combined with a thin stretch panel for support, the Compreflex Transition Calf simply slides on and wraps around the leg.

1.  Compreflex Transition Wrap
2.  1 Pair of Transition Liners w/compression in the foot & ankle
3,  1 Set of Accubab devices

Shown:  One Transition Wrap and Transition

  • Accurate compression measurements of 20-30, 30-40, 40-50 powered by the patent-pending Accutab
  • AccutabEasy-to-use features include the built-in stretch panel that holds the product in place before straps are closed
  • The product contains a pair of non-compressive underliners for the protection of the skin
  • Product material is a short stretch, allowing for a firm compressive hold while the calf contracts and expands
  • Durable material that allows for long-term wear

NOTE:  Sizing is expressed
S/R (Small/Regular) S/T (Small/Tall) M/R (Medium/Regular) etc.

 Size: s/r, s/t, m/r, m/t, l/r, l/t, xl/r, xl/t, xxl/r, xxl/t

Hand wash with mild washing solution.  Sigvaris Washing Solution is recommended

Sigvaris Compreflex Transition Calf