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It Stays Body Fixative


It Stays!  Roll-on adhesive for keeping compression garments and other garments in place to prevent sliding.

It Stays! will hold up compression and surgical stockings, anti-embolism stockings, surgical and orthopedic belts and devices, athletic taping, eyeglasses, men's and women's socks, knee socks, nylons, pantyhose, shoulder straps, wigs, toupees, theatrical make up and devices, or anything else you want to stay put! It Stays! is so flexible, you will never know it's there. Simply apply small amount to skin with the roll-on applicator to hold article in place i.e. at the top band of the stocking. Not irritating to skin. It Stays! will hold until you choose to remove it.

When removing article simply lift off.  It will not pull skin or hair. Wipes off with a damp cloth completely from skin and fabric leaving no stain.

2 fl. Oz. bottle

It Stays Body Fixative