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Jobst® Bella™ Strong Ready-to-Wear Armsleeve Regular Length


Jobst Bella Strong Ready-to-Wear Armsleeve provides comfortable, cost-effective compression. Bella Strong Ready-to-Wear products - worn together or separately - effectively control moderate to severe lymphedema and edema.  Bella Strong provides patients with the latest development in fiber science.  The skiin-friendly multifiber nylon combines the clinically effective management of lymphedema with a natural feeling all day long, day after day.

  • Quickly wicks moisture
  • Keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Feels soft to the skin
  • Helps regulate relative humidity, feeling cooler in warm conditions and warmer in cool conditions
  • Comfort Flat wristband reduces rolling and improves durability
  • Easy to don.  Armsleeve comes with donning device
  • Compression:  15-20 mmHg; 20-30 mmHg; 30-40 mmHg
  • Color:  Natural; Black
  • Size;:1/Reg; 2/Reg; 3/Reg; 4/Reg; 5/Reg; 6/Reg; 7/Reg; 8/Reg; 9/Reg; 10/Reg

Bella Strong features

  • highly resistent fabric
  • effectively manages edema and lymphedema
  • 10 sizes to ensure proper fit
  • 2 way stretch to assure unparalleled comfort
  • Jobst Advance Comfort for coolness and comfort

Fiber Content:  Nylon and Spandex

Hand washing with Jolastic Washing Solution is recommended to protect the elastic fiber and help prevent fading of color.

Jobst® Bella™ Strong Ready-to-Wear Armsleeve Regular Length