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Jobst UltraSheer Diamond Pattern Waist High


Jobst UltraSheer Diamond Pattern combines exceptional styling to gradient compression for the ultimate in fashion.  These stockings offer a striking diamond pattern to create an elegant, contemporary look that is perfect for business or evening attire.  Seamless circular knit provides a soft, silky look and a comfortable feel.  Nylon and spandex yarns combined with a silicone blend softener for easier donning and comfort.

May qualify for HSA and FSA payments.

  • Elegant diamond pattern
  • Exceptionally soft yarns
  • Moisture wicking
  • Unparalleled sheerness

15-20 mmHg

  • Tired, aching legs
  • Minor varicosities
  • Minor ankle, leg, and foot swelling
  • Minod varicosities during pregnancy
  • Post-sclerotherapy

20-30 mmHg:

  • Moderate to severe varicosities
  • Moderate edema
  • Moderate to severe varicosities during pregnancy
  • Post-sclerotherapy
  • Helps prevent recurrence of venous ulcerations
  • Superficial thrombophlebitis
  • Post-surgical

HCPCS Code/CPT Code A6530 for all KNEE Highs 15-20 mmHg; 20-30 mmHg; 30-40 mmHg

Nylon & Spandex blend.  Best hand washed with Jolastic Washing Solution to maintain color and integrity of the yarns.


Jobst UltraSheer Diamond Pattern Waist High