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Best Home Furnishings

Maurer BodyRest Lift Chair Recliner


The Maurer BodyRest Power Lift Recliner offers horizontal sleeping position just like your favorite mattress.  A lift chair, a sleeping chair, or a simple recliner, the Maurer offers all options.

The Maurer BodyRest Lift Chair Recliner lies completely horizontal like a mattress and has the body-friendly support of a recliner.  This lift recliner offers stylish, traditional lines in the back and seat with heavy accents in the arms.  The Mauer has a enerously padded back and arms for comfortable rest. and would be considered a larger chair from the Robust size group.

Choose the Maurer BodyRest in the following options:

  • The Maurer BodyRest Lift Recliner is a two motor chair.  One motor reclines the back to a horizontal position and the second motor lifts the seat and legs.
  • The Maurer BodyRest Rocker Recliner rocks and offers a side lever for reclining and raising the seat/foot.

Visit The Comfort Store brick & mortar location to purchase any floor model or choose from hundreds of fabrics and colors to order your custom-made chair.  Best Home Furnishings chairs are manufactured in Indiana.  Special Custom Orders require approximately 3-4 weeks delivery time to The Comfort Store location.  Delivery options are available in the Austin Metro area.  Special delivery options may be available outside of Austin and in the Continental U.S.

Price Range:  $1,214 - $1,489 depending on Chair Style Option and Fabric Option.

Chair dimensions:

Outer Dimensions:   Height 45"    Width: 42"    Depth: 42" DepthChair
Inside Seat Dimensions: Seat Height 21"     Width: 20.5"     Depth: 23.5"

  • Options:
    BodyRest Lift Recliner comes with hand wand
    BodyRest Rocker Recliner comes with outside handle

Weight Limitation 250 lbs on Lift and Power Recliners

  • Traditional styling
  • BodyRest chair for those choosing to sleep in a chair
  • Power lift recliner comes with hand wand. Locate chair near electrical outlet
  • Rocker Recliner comes with outside handle
  • Dry-kilned hardwood frame parts
  • Reinforced joints and all-steel mechanism BodyRest Power Lift Recliner or BodyRest Rocker Recliner
  • Available in many fabric and color options
  • Limited warranty on fabric and motor
  • Weight limitation of 350 lbs on the Maurer Power BodyRest Lift Recliner


Fabric:  Groups A, B, C, D, G, COM (customer's own materials)
Price range depends upon option and fabric choice: - $741 - $1346

Add Arm Caps $40
Add Headrest $14

Visit The Comfort Store to see the hundreds of fabric and color options.

For comfort and durability, a chair must fit the person using it the most!  Choose from the following groups:

  • Petite
  • Mid-Size
  • Robust
  • BodyRest

The Mauer is in the BodyRest group.

Maurer BodyRest Lift Chair Recliner