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Sigvaris Men Dynaven Knee High w/Closed Toe


Sigvaris Men Dynaven  Knee Highs are a quality product at an affordable price.  This compression knee high provides medical grade compression at an affordable price. Because it offers a reinforced heel area and a wide toe area, this stocking will give you comfortable wearing while delivering therapeutic results. It’s an ideal option following a vein procedure or for improving leg health.

Compression Level: 20-30mmhg
Size: Small-Short, Medium-Short, Large-Short, Small-Long, Medium-Long, Large-Long

  • medical grade compression
  • affordable, quality product
  • reinforced heel area
  • reinforced wide toe area
  • comfortable, non-restricting band

79% Nylon
21% Spandex

Hand washing with Sigvaris Group Washing Solution is recommended to protect the elastic fiber and help prevent fading of color.

Sigvaris Men Dynaven Knee High w/Closed Toe