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Sigvaris Motion High Tech Socks 20-30 mmHg for Men & Women

$65.56 $73.95

When athletic performance is important, the Sigvaris High Tech Knee High in 20-30 mmHg is the perfect option in an athletic sock!  For moderate and more severe symptoms, the Sigvaris High Tech Socks are designed to ensure correct fit and accurate compression resulting in optimum therapeutic benefits and greater wearing comfort.  Available in several colors, this sock for active adults fits both men and women and keeps feet cool, dry, and comfortable.

The Sigvaris High Tech Sock stabilizes and diminishes vibrations of active muscles for faster regeneration; fabric won't deteriorate in salt, chorine or fresh water.  For running, endurance sports, cross fit, gym workouts, team sports, and hiking!

For Men or Women

  • Compression:  20-30 mmHg
  • Color:  Blue (50) Lime (54) Pink (56) Red (59) Steel Blue (62) Blood Orange (630) Limeade (64)
  • Size: Small-Short, Small-Medium, Small-Long, Medium-Short, Medium-Medium. Medium-Long, Large-Short, Large-Medium, Large-Long, XLarge-Short, XLarge-Medium, XLarge-Long       


  • Provides thermal control to keep feet cool, dry and comfortable
  • Anatomical shape of the foot bed and toe cushion zone help prevent blisters
  • Additional compression in calf improves circulation

    64% Nylon: 17% Polyester; 19% Spandex

    Latex Free

    Hand washing with Sigvaris Group Washing Solution is recommended to protect the elastic fiber and help prevent fading of color.

    Sigvaris Motion High Tech Socks 20-30 mmHg for Men & Women

    $65.56 $73.95