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Soft Point Heel Cushions

$29.00 $32.00

Heel Cushion provides support and comfort and relieves pressure on painful heel areas. Soft Point brand.Important Personal Care Item. make sure you size correctly. Non-returnable once opened.. Relieve Heel Pain!Made of medical-grade silicone. this heel cushion provides long-lasting support and comfort. With unique softer blue insert to relieve pressure on painful heel areas. Silicone absorbs shock. will not lose its shape or harden. and will remain odor-free. Easy to wear in most shoe types and can be moved from shoe-to-shoe.Packaged with wearing and care instructions. Soft Point brand.

One pair.  Size Small or M/L

Medical Grade Silicone

  • Optimal Shock Absorption
  • Durable & Resilent
  • Non-Irritating & Odor Free
  • Easy to Wear & Move from Shoe to Shoe
  • Relieve & Prevent Heel, Joint, & Back Pain


  • Planter Fascitis
  • Fat Pad Atrophy
  • Heel Spurs
  • Heel, Knee, and Back Pain

Small:  Men's Shoe Size 3 - 7 1/2
           Women's Shoe Size:  5 - 8 1/2

Large:  Men's Show Size 8 - 1

Soft Point Heel Cushions

$29.00 $32.00